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the pony project

pony project
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the project may be over, but that doesn't mean the community is gone! feel free to post news about the artists (gallery openings, events, and shows) or the organizations involved. articles/photographs/links are all welcome!

this is the unofficial livejournal community for fans of
the pony project. post news, questions, and anything related to the project, my little ponies, or the artists involved.

the first showing of the pony statues was at the milk gallery in new york from october 21-25. the opening reception took place from 7-10p. here is a copy of the advert/invitation (pdf format). a copy of the press release (a multi-page pdf file) can be downloaded here.
i have put copies on my personal webspace in case these files disappear from the pony project website. i will remove them upon request; i make no personal claim to either.

exclusive ponies for fundraising purposes were sold for $10 each at the san diego comic con (seen here), a limited run of 2000. sas christian's finished piece was featured at the booth. a work-in-progress quicktime video is available on the website.

moderated by girldust
please direct any questions regarding the community her way
this is strictly a fan community: nothing posted here is official or by any means supported or endorsed by the actual participants in the project (unless otherwise noted)

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want to be added to this list? contact me!

artist links:
macdougal tattoo (andrea elston)
altpick (anna cangialosi)
blue ruin gallery (anna cangialosi)
betsey johnson
claw money
bellwether gallery (cynthia chan)
bernstein & andriulli (elisa flowers)
dame darcy
house of ingri (ingri ?)
isabel samaras
junko mizuno
sweaty frog (junko mizuno)
mixed greens (kammy roulner)
lisa petrucci
lori earley
super fresh design (queen andrea)
ann nathan gallery (renata palubinskas)
art scope (renata palubinskas)
sarah wilkinson kudgoddess
hot box designs (sas christian)
trish grantham

if you can help me correct or add to any of the above artist information, i would greatly appreciate it!

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